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Terrain Park

Freestyles of all levels will find fun and challenging features in our three terrain parks

Our Terrain Parks

West Side: Beginner and Intermediate Area


Level I - Location: Skier's Right

Liberty-Mountain-Resort-Winter-Terrain-Park-SnowboarderFor those of you just entering the field of freestyle, or refreshing your skills from time on leave, welcome to West Side Park. Start small and work your way up. From short distance rails to low elevation tabletops this is the perfect place to practice. Successful completion of these objectives and you will be ready for Level II.

Level II - Location: Center and Skier's Left

If you are ready to take the next step in your training, with more advanced rails/boxes and medium range launch platforms, West Side is your battlefield. Successful completion of these objectives and you will be ready for Level III.

Vertigo & Adventure Alley: Expert Area


Level III - Location: Vertigo

Liberty-Mountain-Resort-Winter-Terrain-Park-SkiierReady to step up to the big guns? Wanna break out the heavy artillery? Welcome to Vertigo. If you are serious about moving through the ranks and making a name for yourself in the field of freestyle, then there is no better place to be. It's go time my friend, you are at the highest level, and its all on you now.

Level III - Location: Adventure Alley

In order to improve flow and keep different levels of riders contained to areas geared towards specific ability levels, Adventure Alley will now be all expert features, to keep in line with Vertigo-level features that this trail flows into. We feel that this will keep more riders safe and happy.