Join us at Eagle & The Owl from 8pm to 11pm for live music with Redemption Road!

When "Performance Counts" discover Redemption Road at many of the finer performance & event venues throughout PA & MD. This accomplished duo out of Gettysburg, PA performs riveting acoustic rock at it's finest. Poppa's bold guitar style projects a rich fat sound that artfully wraps around the fervent powerful voice of Jeremiah. Together their songs deliver a polished musical arrangement that skillfully reveals the true beauty in simplicity enabling their musicianship to stand on it's own. Poppa cut his teeth performing in the smoke filled bars, speakeasies & private venues during the 1960's throughout upstate PA, while Jeremiah honed his talented vocal skills singing gospel in TN & later performing in live theatre.

Although there's a 25 year age difference between them, they're live stirring performances bridge generations of timeless hit songs that will invite you to discover the Redemption Road Experience! A few of the notable artists they cover include: Chris Isaak, Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Righteous Brothers, Radio Head, Tom Petty, Goo Goo Dolls, Eagles, Foo Fighters, Dobie Gray & many more!

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